Jeremy Thorpe dies: will the truth emerge?

Jeremy Thorpe dies: will the truth emerge?
05 Dec

With the death of Jeremy Thorpe earlier today, media attention will focus again on the murky world of 1970s cover-ups and conspiracy theories involving several intelligence agencies.

Veteran journalist (and biographer of CIA legend James Jesus Angleton) Tom Mangold – who interviewed several of the participants in the interlocking scandals of the ’70s – will present a BBC radio documentary tomorrow revealing several aspects that for legal reasons could not be mentioned during Thorpe’s lifetime.

Meanwhile an obituary of Jeremy Thorpe in The Independent is written by Richard Moore, who was Thorpe’s adviser in the 1970s on Middle Eastern affairs and one of the leading Zionist propagandists in the Liberal Party.

Though the Lib Dems are now seen as the most anti-Zionist of the major parties, this was not the case with the 1970s Liberals. Thorpe was aligned with Harold Wilson in strong support of Israel; Heath’s Tories were in those days much more Ziosceptical.

As is well known, Thorpe’s second wife (Marion Stein, formerly Countess of Harewood) was from a prominent Viennese Jewish family.

Less well known is the longstanding and dubious financial relationship between Thorpe’s father (who was a Tory MP, KC and sometime Recorder of Blackburn) and the sinister Czech financier Richard Weininger, whose machinations when partially exposed caused the downfall of Robert Boothby in 1940.

Jeremy Thorpe’s uncle and fellow barrister Peter Norton-Griffiths (a wartime intelligence officer) was also involved in the Weininger affair.



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